GST Billing Software For Stationery Shop

Best GST Billing Software For Stationery Shop. Experience next-level stationery retailing with S2S Web Technology cloud-based stationery software

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India’s No.1 Cloud Based GST Billing Software for Stationery Shop

GST Billing Software For Stationery Shop

A stationery software, also known as stationery inventory management software or stationery billing software is a retail solution designed to help stationery shop owners manage their daily in-store activities. The billing software for stationery shop can handle everyday workflows ranging from sales and billing to stock management and promotions. The stationery store software generally features integrated modules for Invoicing, (both GST and non-GST bills), inventory management, CRM, POS, Accounting, and e-commerce that lets stationery retailers go online and establish their e-commerce stores.

From sending invoices on Whatsapp to real-time notifications for low inventory, the stationery inventory management software presents a unified solution for stationery shop owners.

Essential Features of Stationery Shop GST Billing Software

Efficient Inventory Management

Manage in-store and godown inventory, generate barcodes and labels, and set automated restocking orders with S2S Web Technology

  • Multi-store stock management
  • Brand-wise stock management

No-Hassle Billing

Generate professional GST and Non-GST invoices, add discounts & loyalty points directly to bills for regular customers with integrated POS.

  • Multiple payment modes
  • Manage refunds and exchanges
  • Digital invoices on Whatsapp

Error-Free Accounting

Automate financial tracking, no more worrying about ledgers, profit and loss statements, or GST returns, with our inbuilt accounting module

  • Bank & cash entries
  • Expense management
  • Balance sheets & trial balance

Customer-Centric CRM

Creating a loyal customer base for your stationery store is now a breeze! Interact with customers, seek reviews, and manage memberships with our robust CRM!

  • Birthday/Anniversary messages to customers
  • Gift Vouchers and Coupons
  • Digital Invoices on SMS with Feedback link

S2S Web Technology: Crafting Solutions for Smarter and More Profitable Stationery Stores 

Present your customers with your finest products while entrusting the management of workflows and other operations to S2S Web Technology.

From managing heavy seasonal rush during school reopening’s after vacations to facing tough competition from online businesses, stationery store retailers face a lot of challenges. Moreover, stationery products have extensive variants, and therefore keeping track of such inventory can be difficult for stationers.

S2S Web Technology, the expert in retail solutions has come up with a singular solution for stationery retailers. From inventory to POS, from CRM to Accounting, and from Multi-store management to ecommerce, S2S Web Technology stationery software has features that keep stationery business profitable and without worries.

Say goodbye to any existing challenges with our comprehensive solution designed specifically for stationery stores.

What are the benefits of using a Stationery Shop Management Software?

Having Book store inventory help the stores to,

  • Track the inventory of the shop and also helps track the wastage due to damages products.
  • Identify slow moving products and create combo’s with a fast moving product offering a discount to not lose the investment.
  • Manage peak season sales like school reopening days with right stocks using the Stationery inventory software and process fast checkouts using S2S Web Technology Billing Software.
  • Suggestions from software to sell products with good margin.
  • Helping you manage warranty for products like school bags, calculators, pens and process easy returns from your customers and to your suppliers.
  • Manage different qualities for the same product to offer variety of choices to your customers
  • Add images to products in the Stationery software for easy identification and explanation to customers and to deliver the right product

Do you own a large Stationery business?

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